Fun Easy Outdoor Games for Kids

Are you looking for the best Fun Easy Outdoor Games for Kids,then read on to see our full list on the best fun easy outdoor games for your kids.There seems to be a study after the study and there is a plea for outside of time for children. Experts suggest a connection with everything from better overall health to less anxiety and better vision. Although we prefer that our children spontaneously want to play outside, you have to go outside and enjoy it. We have compiled this list of outdoor games for children that parents can use to encourage independent outdoor play.

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Top 10 Outdoor Games List

Note:All images on this page are clickable.If you see something that interests you,please feel free to click the picture to get more info, read consumer reports and reviews,check pricing,etc

1. Doggy, Doggy, Where’s Your Bone

In this game the child that the dog is turning around while someone steals his “bone”. The bone can be any object, but smaller children who use a toy bone can understand it more easily. When the Doggy turns around, all children try to look guilty while Doggy suspects who stole the bone. Let the little ones, with little ones, guess until they choose the right person, and then the next child’s turn to be doggy. If you play with older children, you can add a limit to estimates.

2. Mother, may I

In mother May I the mother stands with her back to the back and gives or refuses requests to continue. This game works best with children who are too young to realize the inherent unfairness of this game. Mother can turn her back, but she probably knows everyone with her voice. That’s why she really decides who will win. If a mother is an adult and the children are small, it can be a fun game to practice counting.You can go ahead and buy the Mother May I” Thumball® here.

3. Picasso pavement

Start this activity alone and soon every boy will sign around and you can secretly get some housework done. You can find directions for making homemade sidewalk chalk online, but I wonder if this is actually cheaper than just hit the dollar store.

4. Digging for dinosaurs

Bury Toy Dinosaur Bones (or any other toy) and have your children dig them out. My children did this once with small cars during a touch-a-truck event; it was their favorite part of the experience.

5. Treasure hunts

You can find all kinds of backyard scavenger hunt checklists online. However, making yourself has several advantages. 1) You can adjust it to your garden; 2) You can involve larger children in the creation; and 3) You teach your children to make their own games by giving an example. Take this game to the big boy or even an adult world with the book Treasure and Scavenger Hunts: how to plant, create and give them! (available through the Hennepin County Library).

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6. Play water

Go ahead  and get a play water set or go cheap with a plastic bath that you already have. Let them take advantage of water games without the mess on the bathroom floor!

7. Gardening

Again, you can buy extensive Gardening Tool Sets, but a package of beans, a plot or a pot of dirt and some beans are all they really need. If nothing grows in the toddler years, they will be years of it in the future.

8. Hula hoop

I am as surprised as you are. But my 2-year-old loves hula hoop and she is not bad at it.She can do it with her sister in high school.

9. Bubbles

Need I say more? Buy your bubbles, make bubbles, but you have to make calls!

10. Crayon Rubbings

You probably have done this in your life. Peal an old colored pencil, then take a sheet of paper, place it on a surface with an interesting texture and rub the chalk over the paper. Children can create their own unique design with different colors and shapes. Modern parents can buy the friction crayons and skip the chalk tone mess.

Fun Outdoor Games for Large Groups

11. Octopus

This tag refers to an Octopus that is IT and fish and that has to come from one end of the yard to the other without being tapped. Once tagged, children must stay in place and try to tag others as they pass. Ziggity Zoom offers the same basic rules that I remember from my childhood with a small rhyme that we did not have in my neighborhood. This game is more fun with more children. It can be played with older and younger children, but children in primary school will find it best.

12. Simon says

Simon tells the other players what to do with the sentence “Simon says”. If he does not use that sentence and a player does what he says, they are out. The last player that stands is the next Simon.However,this is a great game to start with preschool children to follow them. You can buy an electronic Simon Says Parachute game that adds the pleasure of playing with a parachute, but I wonder how many commands it contains and whether children would tire of it faster than their own commands.

13. Capture the Flag

This classic game is best for a larger group of children. The American Scouting Service Project offers official rules and twists in the game. Children divide into two teams and try to catch each other’s flags without being caught on the territory of the other team. Each of these outdoor games must be played with items that you can find anywhere in the house, but if you want easy access, MindWare has created an Outdoor Classics box with flags, metal look, bean bags and other simple items to make old -directed outdoor games.

14. Spirits in the cemetery

This game has many different rule variants.The one who was the spirit, hid while the rest of the children counted from 1 am to midnight. The children would then connect the arms and walk around the house as they recited: “Starlight, clear of the star, I hope I see a ghost tonight” until the spirit rolled out of the wall. At that moment it is a straight game or tag. The mind must try to tag someone before he is safe again. The first person who is tagged or the last person in safety is the next spirit.

15. Hide-and-Seek or Hide-and-Go-seek-in-the-Dark

Although the primary school is the best age for this game, with a little help for parents, the younger children can participate. We went through a stage at the university where we played this hide and seek in the dark. weekend, so there is also no top age. One person is IT and counts for the number of participants, while the others hide. The last one to be found becomes the next. Flashlights are a nice addition if you play in the dark.

16. Kick the bus

Although it is THE classic, I have never played Kick the Can, so forgive me if I misunderstand these rules. You can find them here. The person who is IT must watch for a look, while those who hide are trying to run and kick. If IT catches a hider, they go to prison. The last person in prison is the next IT.

17. Michelangelo’s Madhouse

I have heard this stupid game that is mentioned by other names. The one who is Michelangelo, gets hold of all the other players and turns around with them a number of times before they let them go. Each player then freezes when they land. This part does not really affect the outcome of the game, so children can “fall” as crazy as they want. After each image is set, Michelangelo walks through his madhouse and tries to make the other players laugh without touching them. The first who giggles (or if you prefer, the latter) is the next Michelangelo.

18. Mother says

However, instead of every player asking permission to move.”Mother says that every child with brown hair can take two steps backwards.” As with Mother May I, you can still see how Mother can be false to her friends here, but it is a little more honest than the original game.

19. Race of Every species

There are so many ways in which children can race from one side of the garden to another: one-legged, three-legged, backward, crab walk, fastest, slowest, medium-heavy. Let your children call the racing style in turn. If you plan to celebrate a party, you can buy kits as shown below, complete with potato bags, leg straps and prizes.

20. Howling angels

Okay, this game is really called “Red Light, Green Light”, but Doctor Who fans will see the resemblance to everyone’s favorite not-so-scary alien creatures. In this game children can only move when the person who is IT turns his back. If IT is looking, you must freeze. If IT moves you, you have to go back to the start.  If you start calling it “Weeping Angels”, you could add the extra pleasure of a mask.

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Fun Outdoor Games for Kids of all Ages

21. Backyard Ninja Warrior Course

If you look for ideas, you will find that designs for these backyard systems can be complicated and outside the building skills of most adults, much fewer children. But I think that if you combine playgrounds, fitness and sports equipment that you already have or if you have access with the goals of the ancient President’s Physical Fitness Challenge, you can come up with a course that children can build on all year round. You can also buy pieces for this obstacle course.

22. Dog training

Do you use Ninja Warrior course to train Fido? Or view a copy of 101 Dog Tricks, Kids Edition: Fun and Easy Activities, Games and Crafts (available from the Hennepin County Library). This of course requires the right combination of child and dog and perhaps some supervision. You know your children and dogs best.

23. Reading in the wild

Reading outside is one of the simplest solitary pleasures. Summer is a good time to start a new book series or to participate in a program for summer months.

24. Bird watching or Urban Animal Safari

This would be more fun with real binoculars, but a quiet and attentive child can observe nature everywhere. Lie down on the lawn and watch the birds and squirrels above it. The squirrels in my backyard have regular sleep, and when we are on the porch at that moment, we can see how they come back to their nest and crawl inside. It is amazing to see so many squirrels cuddling in such a small space.

25. Sport exercises

This activity depends on the current interests of your child. We found a video we liked in the Backyard Baseball Drills library. Drilling is a good way to improve sports skills when your child is alone.

26. Science experiments

After a few too many “experiments” that were in fact a mix of random stock cabinets that I had to clean up, I decided to borrow Kitchen Science Lab for Kids: 52 Family-friendly experiments from the entire library from the home. The first activity that drew the attention of my children was one in which you abandoned Mentos. Definitely one of the outdoor games!

27. Learn to juggle

A child can learn the basics of juggling in an afternoon and build on that skill all summer long. Find instructional videos on YouTube and use old tennis balls or buy a kit here.

28. Tennis, anyone?

The tennis courts of our neighborhood park have a practice wall. A garage door can also be a good practice wall. Anyway, a person can only play Tennis against a wall. We pick up used rackets and tennis balls in the thrift store.

Note:All images on this page are clickable.If you see something that interests you,please feel free to click the picture to get more info, read consumer reports and reviews,check pricing,etc

29. Hopscotch

Although it can be played with others. Hopscotch is a good game to play alone. You do not have to wait for your turn and you can keep practicing until you have done things right. If you need a refresher course, you can find the rules at

30. chores

I know this is not a game, but it has to be said. The right reaction when a child tells you that they are bored is a chore – unless you like being their cruise director of life. Nobody says, however, that chores must all be work. Challenge them for a potato peel contest or offer a trip to the zoo if they help you finish your list. If this works for you, you can let me know your techniques.

Outdoor Games for Kids at School

31. Rhyming Jump Rope Games

You can find these games online or buy or borrow a book, such as Anna Banana: 101 Jump Rope Rhymes. Jump rope games can also be fun for adults. Take an afternoon to teach your children these outdoor games and maybe he will hang out. (Ironically, the Hennepin County Library has a copy of this book, but it is only for “In-Library use”.)

32. Snake bite or helicopter

This game was recommended by my 7-year-old son as Snake Bite and my 11-year-old daughter as Helicopter. One person stands in the middle and turns the skipping rope around on the ground. The players have to jump over the rope when it comes around. If the rope hits you, you are gone. The last person who is standing is the next helicopter (or snake).

33. Water jumping

This game is a bit like the game above, except that the person is not trying to get the others out.The one who has the most water at the end of their five jumps wins.

34. Chinese skipping rope

The jumps are more complex than simple skipping rope, but still something small can learn easily enough. You may want to buy a special Chinese skipping rope. They look more stretchable, but you can also do it with a long jump rope tied around the legs of two chairs.

35. Make a pulley system

My children love to do this. They tie one end of a jump rope to a basket or bucket and throw the other end over a branch. Then they pull things up and down. There is no point in playing this game, but that is the beauty of the imagination. They can spend hours with this game. If you feel like it, buy a real pulley system and hang it above your sandbox; but I think the improvised skipping rope system is better.

36. Tug of war

For Tug of War you need two or more children. Teams are equidistant from the center line and try to pull the other team over the line.

37. Limbo

With three players children can play limbo with a tight jump rope or a broom. Each round the rope goes slightly lower until the player falls while trying to get under. A variation for larger children is to play on skates. Be careful not to give anyone a clothesline.

38. Jump rope races

If you have space, jumpers can line up and race at the same time. If this is not the case, use a timer watch.

39. Double Dutch

Double Dutch is played with two ropes, two rope twirlers who twist the ropes in the opposite direction, and one or more rope riders. Has played well, this is a team sport, because everyone has to work together for success. The rhythmic learning to work together can be a late summer chase.

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40. Jump rope tag or cat and mouse

This game is played with four children: two players and two rope twirlers. The mouse starts the game by jumping in the rotating rope and making a certain number of jumps. The cat must follow and make as many jumps as the mouse runs around the twirlers to re-enter the rope. The cat hunts the mouse around. The cat can tag the mouse when the mouse does not jump or when the mouse makes a mistake in the ropes.

Outdoor games for children with a ball

All outdoor games for balls can be played with a simple play ball.

41. Dodge Ball

I never liked this game as a child, but I love playing with my children. The goal is to hit your opponents with the ball while avoiding hitting yourself. If you catch a ball that has been thrown at you, the pitcher is out. This is a fast game and rules agreed with common sense (ie not directed at the head), it was pretty safe for us.

42. Kickball

The playground version of baseball is kickball. Unlike baseball, you can take someone out by aiming them with a ball. Otherwise, the rules and design are almost the same as baseball.

43. Horse

A toy is resilient, so you can play an ordinary basketball game, but you can certainly play Horse (or Spud if you want the game to go faster). Players take turns to take photos. If someone makes a basket, all other players must take the same picture from the same place or get a letter. The one who gets all the letters in HORSE first is out. This game can be played seriously or stupidly.

44. Four Square

Four square is played with four children and a square made of four smaller squares. However, if you only have two players, we played “two-square” on a half-way. You can find the rules here, but this fun video was a better refresher for me.

45. Piggy in the Middle

The goal of the game is that the players keep the player in the middle of getting the ball. They have to keep throwing it together while the player in the middle tries to catch the ball. As soon as he catches a ball, the pitcher is in the middle. With younger children you can alternately set a time limit for the time in the middle.

46. ​​Gaga Ball

We got to know this game recently when we visited Base Camp. It is intended to be played in a pit, but you can probably change it for a specific area. This game is like a dodge ball, but usually plays with the ball on the ground. You only get out when you hit the ball with the ball. The official rules and instructions are here.

47. Bowling

While bowling sets are pretty cheap, this game can be made with a toy and 10 plastic bottles.

48. Football

Football or a reduced version of it can be practiced with a play ball. Maybe only work on dribbling and stealing and kicking goals.

49. Angry Birds

My children (and I am certainly countless other children) have created this game based on the phone game. They build a tower – one of blocks or rocks and hide a toy pig behind it. The other child must try to bring down the tower with the ball. Learn from my children and get out of the way after you have built your tower – especially if it is made of stones.

50. Do not drop the ball

Do you remember that episode of Friends, The One With The Ball, when they kept a ball in the air for hours? Would not it be great if your kids did this … for hours … outside. It’s worth the try.

Fun Outdoor Games Just for Kids

51. Hunt for fireflies

Who does not like catching or at least chasing fireflies? I know this is more difficult to do in the city, but look for dark programs in your favorite nature centers and regional parks. The only thing you really need is a pot to view, but you can find all kinds of bug collection boxes online, including a Magnifier Box Bug Viewer.

52. Run through the Sprinkler

Which boy does not like to run through the sprinkler (at least once) on a summer’s day. Do not you have a sprinkler? Make one by clamping a pop bottle with tape to the hose and making holes.

53. Study the ecosystem under a springboard

This is an easy one. Pick up a rock, a tree trunk or something that has been sitting in a place long enough to kill the grass and see what’s underneath. We have found centipedes, centipedes, worms, snails, roly polies and spiders. Instead of making a big deal with my bigger children, I simply lifted a rock while I was working and called them to see all the cool insects under, but for smaller children you could start with the book Under One Rock: Bugs, Snails and other Ughs, then go outside and watch.

54. Raise kings of eggs or caterpillars

I am mostly for do-it-yourself, but after a gruesome experience with a larval parasite, I recommend buying a monarch set or harvesting the eggs instead of the caterpillars (unless you want the possibility that a one-eye maggot will eating a way out of your cocoon).

55. Increase Pollywogs in frogs or toads

We once harvested tadpoles from my sister’s pond and raised them in tree frogs. They all escaped to our cellar and we have never seen them again. I recommend to set up this experiment outside. If you can not find a local source, kits are available for purchase here.

56. Climb on a tree

This is a youth activity that I took for granted. We had a great climbing tree in my front yard and my whole neighborhood was there sometimes. My children are constantly looking for good climbing trees. Every child must sometimes get up in a tree.

Games to Play Outside with 2 Players

57. Look at Clouds

Watching clouds and inventing stories must really be on everyone’s checklist for the summer games – child or adult. Add some science by keeping a cloudspotting diary.

58. Roll down the hill

Roll down a hill, get dizzy, run back and do it again. If you are bored, roll something else, like your ball down the hill or try to make somersaults.

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59. Splashing in mud puddles

I have a great memory of my children who all go out and play in the mud after a rain shower. They looked like marsh creatures, my kitchen and bathtub were destroyed, but they had the best time.

60. Skip stones

If you are near a lake or river (and there is no fishing nearby), skipping stones is practically a law. If you have problems finding your own jumping stones or if you want to include your dog in the fun. You can buy reusable floating spring stones. Make sure you are in a safe area.

Fun Easy Outdoor Games for Kids-Other Alternatives

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