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Are you looking for the best board games for 2 year old toddler,then read to see the best board games for your kids.When my daughter turned 2, I was so excited that we could finally play a few toddler games at home together. My husband and I love board game nights, so I loved to involve my daughter. It turns out that most toddler games are matched for ages 3 and up. Not what I wanted to see. I was determined to find games that they could play and not wait a whole year.

We are constantly playing toddler games. She likes to sit down and learn to play and even to create her own way of playing. Here is a list of the board games for 2 year old toddler I have found, so you do not have to spend time searching and spend an extra year playing games!

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ThinkFun Roll and Play game

If there was a game that every toddler should possess, this is this. This game is suitable for toddlers aged 18 months + and my daughter loves it! The concept is to roll the block and pick up the color that comes with the rolled up. Each card has a different action that you complete (ie, touch your elbow, do a stupid dance).

Talking about the board games for 2 year old toddler,I am impressed by how well she has learned all these movements. She even behaves sad or stupid when it says to. It keeps her attention and she loves when we all play like a family.

We are currently playing without a block because she does not understand it. It is only a small part of the game and something that she will grow into – which means a longer life for this game in our house!

Checkout the ThinkFun Roll and Play game Here

Elefun & Friends Crocodile Dentist Game

There are a few versions of this game available, but this version is the only one that is worth getting. The quality and gameplay surpass all other models that are available. The box says from 4 years, but with supervision this game is just as fun as a 2-year old.

Crocodile Dentist Kids Game Ages 4 and Up
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The rules are simple. Press the teeth in turn until you touch the “sore tooth”. When the painful tooth is pressed, the crocodile will keep its mouth closed. I have to help my daughter push the teeth down, but she finds it hilarious when the crocodile closes his mouth on my hand.

Bowling Set(board games for 2 year old toddler)

This is a game that I thought would be too heavy for a 2-year-old. I think about how awful I am for bowling and think it would be 500 times harder for a toddler. Instead, the smaller set is perfect and provides a lot of fun.

For board games for 2 year old toddler,It works in the same way as ordinary bowling. Set the 10 pins and try to overthrow them. My daughter finds it funny when they fall. She has this strategy that in one way or another she only takes 1 pin at a time. Who knows? Maybe she is a bowling pro that has yet to happen. Anyway, this game is still a lifetime for years.

Checkout the Children Bowling Play Set Here

A list with the best games for your toddler.Have fun playing games with your 2-year-old.


This is a view of the classic memory match game. Suitable pairs can be a bit advanced for a 2-year-old. This game uses a different approach. Your child uses a reference card and then searches for the card that corresponds. The cards are also much larger so they can easily hold them. The game is suitable for respectively 18 months + respectively.

Checkout the Seek-a-Boo Here

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First Orchard – HABA My Very First Games

This is a board game in Germany that is aimed at toddlers 2 and up. This was our first time buying a game at My Very First Games Company, but we were pleasantly surprised. The pieces are made of thick cardboard and wood to stop those destructive little ones.

The concept of the game is to work together to collect all the fruit in your basket before the black crow reaches the orchard. You throw a dice to collect the fruit that belongs to the rolled color. When you let the crow roll, the crow comes one step closer to the orchard. I love how you work together as a team in this game instead of competing with each other.

My daughter also plays her own interpretation of this. As mentioned above, she does not understand how a die works. She uses this game to sort the different colors of fruit together and to collect them in the basket. She also likes to play with the crow and finds it “cute”. This is the perfect game for learning colors and grouping the same things.

Checkout the First Orchard-HABA My Very First Games Here

Monkey Around Time for two

I love this board games for 2 year old toddler in particular.This is the first game of Peaceable Kingdom on this list, but not the last. The company has several preschool games for children from 2 years. Each is educational and fun.

Monkey Around contains maps with different physical actions. (ie: walk on all fours). It contains a banana substance that belongs to the game, so that your child can do or he “hopping around”.

Most toddler games are suitable for children from 3 years. Do not wait a whole year to let your child play games. Here is a collection of the best games for your 2-year-old that will grow with.

Checkout the Monkey Around Time for Two-Peaceable Kingdom Here

Lucky Ducks

This is the same game that was there when I was younger. The same game, even the same stickers. Each person is assigned a form. Each duck has 1 of the 4 shapes at the bottom and they “swim” around. You pick up each duck until you can find the 4 with your shape on it. This game helps to identify different shapes and eye-hand coordination to record the ducks while driving.

My daughter likes to put the ducks on the “pond” and see them swimming. She also picks them up and searches for those with the stars. She does not understand how to put the ducks back on the pond if they have different forms, but she has identified every shape she sees.

Checkout the Lucky Ducks Here

Bunny Bedtime

This is another game of Peaceable Kingdom for 2 years and older. It is a simple board game that helps with bedtime routines and learning form. The wooden shapes are 2-sided to give your toddler a choice, designed to reduce the number of “no’s”. Toddlers love a choice and everything that helps with the bedtime routine is a winner in my book.

Checkout the Bunny Bedtime Here

Zoo on the Loose

This is a toddler game for people who love stuffed animals. It comes with 5 cute stuffed animals that play on the map of a zoo or in the vicinity of the house, depending on the playing method you choose. The game comes with maps that indicate where the animals should be placed (ie put the zebra under a seat). It teaches toddlers to follow the path while interacting with their cuddly toys and bringing them to life. The packaging says 4 years and older, but 2-year-olds will also love this game, especially if you change the animal in their favorite animal!

Checkout the Zoo on the Loose Here

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What are your favorite board games for 2 year old toddler or child? Did you play games when they were 2?

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