Best Board Games for 3-4 year Olds

Are you looking for the Best Board Games for 3-4 year Olds, then read on to see our indepth reviews for Toddlers that you will love.We have a few board games for families with toddlers who are on our list of best family games and now we extend that list! I have asked mother of four and experienced board player Lorien Van Ness to give us this list of her favorite board games for toddlers.

Best Board Games for 3-4 year Olds:Preschool games

Nothing brings my family to the table more quickly than to ask “Who wants to play a board game?”. There is magic in that question and their eyes shine if you ask. My husband, I’ve always loved games and we had a whole collection before we even had kids. When we started our family, we were both afraid of the idea of ​​endless games from Candy Land; we had no idea how many great games there are for young children. Yes, even toddlers!

12 years later (on our fourth toddler) we played many games designed for young children, some with more success than others. Over the years we have learned a few tricks to help toddlers play board games.

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Board games for toddlers! These are some of the best toddler games – fun for a two- and three-year-olds and also for parents

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Playing board games with 2 and 3 year olds:

Learning to play board games requires a lot of different skills: taking, making decisions and patience, among other things – none of the probabilities that your toddler describes (in my opinion, it certainly does not describe). One way in which we help our preschoolers acquire these skills is to start with games that are not really board games. Two-year-olds can practice skills such as taking turns and following the rules when we play games involving their entire body. There are some great games for toddlers that use your entire body (and as adults we even love to play them)!

Are you Looking for best board games for 3-4 year Olds? Do you want to find ways to help your toddlers learn the skills they need to join the gaming table? If this is the case, you will need this list of games for two and three year olds! Below are our major board games for for 2-3 years old kids.Links to games are Amazon-related links. If you buy through them, you support this blog without extra costs for yourself.

Our top Best Board Games for Kids(3-4 year Olds)

Below we have made top collections of the best board games for kids of 3-4 year olds, go through them and feel free to checkout the games for details.


Elefun is an exciting movement game. Small butterflies are blown out of the trunk of an elephant and players have to use their net to catch the butterflies. This game is great for capturing and maintaining the attention of energetic toddlers.

There are a number of ways to play. Encourage cornering by filling the elephant and showing a person how many butterflies they can catch before they hit the ground. You can help your child wait by making the person stand out and counting how many butterflies they have caught. This is also a great way to learn good sportsmanship.

Checkout the Elefun Here

Hello Sunshine Toddler Search and find game

Recommended for children 18 months and older, this is a wonderful look at hide and seek. It is also a great way to introduce or reinforce the concept of following the rules. Hello Sunshine is a luxurious sun that comes with image cards indicating where it should be hidden. You and your child can initially work together to follow the directions on the maps. While your child gets the hang of it, you and your child take turns to be the “Hider”.

To golf set

This game can be played alone or with someone else and offers a great opportunity for your child to practice in turns. No batteries are needed for this toddler version of golf. It comes with a clear golf club that contains 3 balls inside, as well as a marked “hole” and a T for the balls to set up. One of the nice things is that the golf balls can be ejected and then picked up by the bottom of the club. To keep this game exciting for the older players, we have set up mini courses out of blocks!

Checkout To golf set Here

Chameleon Beanbag Toss

This lightweight, folding chair bag game has two game levels, so you can increase the difficulty of your toddler. It comes with numbered bean bags with a color code.

One color has odd numbers and the other has even numbers, which of course strengthens the skill of taking turns. This game can also be used to introduce the competition in a gentle way and the concept to keep track of the score. Our three-year-old is not really interested in the competition, he just likes to play a game where he has to throw!

Checkout the Chameleon Beanbag Toss Here

Melissa and Doug catch and count fishing game

Use the budding interest of your toddler for imaginative play to work on the use of a spinner and to follow the rules of a game with this fishing game for two. The pieces are made of wood and are supplied with two rods, 10 fish, a spinner and a carrying bag that also functions as a “pond”.

Checkout the Melissa and Doug catch and count fishing game Here

See a boo

Gigantic cards scattered across the floor make this matching game really attractive for toddlers. There are smaller cards in hand that you turn around to decide which of the larger cards you are looking for. This game is perfect to help your toddler understand the order of play (that things have to be done in a certain order when you play games).

Checkout the Seek-a-Boo Here

Little Balancing Game

This toddler board game comes with cute wooden playing pieces and it is a great transition to ‘real’ board games for toddlers. The game consists of setting up water lilies on a pond board and balancing frogs above it. The fact that it can be played in just 10 to 15 minutes makes it an excellent board game for children of 3 years old.

Checkout the Little Balancing Game Here

Shapes and colours:Haba My Very First Games

With multiple ways to play, you can adapt the game to your child’s ability. Children get a lot of exercise with rolling dice and alternately they try to match shapes and colors to take a picture.

Checkout the Shape and Color Orchard-HABA My Very First Games Here

Evening in the stable

The evening in the stable creates a lot of laughter as you try to bring all the animals to bed. The comical nature of bringing animals to bed and the familiarity of your child at bedtime help your younger toddler to get involved in building their attention span for board games.

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Wooden Farm Memory Game

Simple photos are certainly better when it comes to this classic. The farm theme in this set is perfect for toddlers as they learn to sit and concentrate. This game can also easily be adapted to the ability by varying the number of tiles used. You can start with just a few pairs and increase the number used in the course of time to increase their concentration.

Playing games with your two or three years does not have to be a chore. These games are not only great to help your toddler learn to play games, but will also help you to connect as a family. What would you add to the list? Have you discovered a toddler game that you love?

Checkout the Wooden Farm Memory Game Here

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