Kronos (PreOrder Slot)

Kronos (PreOrder Slot)

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This is another Dub-K Toys Special for you guys. Pay $25 now... $130 before shipping... Own Kronos for $155 Will NOT last long. Limit ONE no exceptions.

Kronos (PreOrder Slot)

PO-DTK Kronos (PreOrder Slot)

by DaCa Toys


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This product is made by a company we fully support after listening to on The Pow Wow Show. This is a special price for those who supported us, DaCa-Toys, The Pow Wow Show. We will limit sales to only one per customer checked personally via PayPal. We also know this is under-priced and reserve the right to change the price keeping all original promised orders. Thank you guys again and thank you DaCa-Toys.

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DaCa Toys

PO-DTK Kronos (PreOrder Slot)


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New Sealed Box





PO-DTK Kronos (PreOrder Slot)

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