Masterpiece BumbleBee no Coin

Masterpiece BumbleBee no Coin

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Bumblebee is the name of several fictional character from the Transformers series. The original Bumblebee was introduced in 1984 as a character in the Generation 1 stories. He was a small, yellow Autobot who served as the kid appeal character. He served as a regular in the comic and animated series. In 1987 his character was revamped and he took on the new name Goldbug, but eventually he returned to his original name.

Masterpiece BumbleBee no Coin

MP-21 Masterpiece BumbleBee no Coin

by Takara/Tomy


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Profile: Bumblebee is the Autobots' little brother. He's small, eager and at times can be a bit of a smart-mouth. Yet for all his wisecracks, he obviously idolizes the bigger robots, especially Optimus and Prowl. He is useful as a messenger and a spy; he can go where other vehicles would not dare because he does not look threatening. And his relatively small size occasionally enables him to use routes not available to the others. More than anything, Bumblebee wants to be accepted, and this sometimes causes him to take chances he shouldn't. Abilities: As he can get up to 1.8 times more use out of a unit of fuel than the next most efficient Autobot, Bumblebee is often called upon at times of low energy resources. His visual acuity rates tops of all Autobots: he can spot a 10" × 10" object at a distance of 48 miles on a clear day. His adaptability to water environments makes him particularly important in undersea reconnaissance and salvage operations. Weaknesses: Bumblebee is physically the weakest of the Autobots, and the most easily damaged. His stealth more than compensates for this liability.

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MP-21 Masterpiece BumbleBee no Coin


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MP-21 Masterpiece BumbleBee no Coin

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