Beast Wars - TransMetal - Bantor

Beast Wars - TransMetal - Bantor

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Bantor is a Maximal of the Beast Wars portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.

Beast Wars - TransMetal - Bantor

Beast Wars - TransMetal - Bantor

by Hasbro


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Bantor is a strange robot. Most of the time he's meticulous, patient and stealthy. He's a mêlée-warrior by preference, quite adept at carefully planned ambushes and stalking his prey slowly and silently through the jungle. Yet occasionally and without warning his careful stony patience just shatters and he bursts into a loud, uncontrolled, wild frenzy, becoming a berserker who'll attack anything in reach until he can regain control. Other than mêlée-combat, his specialties are demolitions, explosive traps, and snares.

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 Beast Wars - TransMetal - Bantor


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Beast Wars - TransMetal - Bantor

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