Beast Wars - TransMetal - Rhinox

Beast Wars - TransMetal - Rhinox

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Rhinox is a Maximal (and occasionally a Predacon or Vehicon) from the Beast Era portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.

Beast Wars - TransMetal - Rhinox

Beast Wars - TransMetal - Rhinox

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Cheetor was on the mark when he said that Rhinox was the best of them. He's a Renaissance Bot. Intelligent, massive, strong, and stalwart, there are few Maximals one could depend on more. Rhinox is of a rare breed — he's incredibly tech savvy, but mystically-inclined... without coming off as a burnt-out technohippie. He's quick and decisive in a crisis, with spectacular results, but is slow and steady. He loves to sniff the flowers. A behind-the-scenes charismatic and an on-his-feet strategist, he could lead the Maximals if he wanted to, but he doesn't. If he sounds too good to be true, it's because he just might be. At times he can be borderline obsessive and single-minded, but his strong moral center keeps it from getting out of hand. The Maximals are glad for that, because if he ever lost his ethical restraint, woe be to them. No, woe be to the galaxy. Still, you can't help but love a bot who can fight Megatron to a standstill without breaking a sweat yet would rather take a nap in a patch of daisies. Rhinox considers Rattrap to be his best friend, though he also has a close friendship with Optimus Primal. He appears to have some "older sibling/parental" emotions toward Airazor due to his role in bringing her online.

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 Beast Wars - TransMetal - Rhinox


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Beast Wars - TransMetal - Rhinox

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