Beast Wars - Jawbreaker

Beast Wars - Jawbreaker

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Jawbreaker is a Maximal from the Beast Wars portion of the Generation 1 continuity family. He is also known as Cackle.

Beast Wars - Jawbreaker

Beast Wars - Jawbreaker

by Hasbro


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Jawbreaker has a twisted sense of humor and a dark view of the future. He is convinced he will meet a grisly end on the battlefield. It may be that all his off-putting jokes and antisocial behavior are intended to keep others safely away from this ultimate defeat; Jawbreaker is never quiet about his preference for working and fighting alone. Nevertheless, the older Noctorro has attempted to form a bond with the young Maximal, though his efforts at counseling often meet with lackluster results.

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 Beast Wars - Jawbreaker


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Beast Wars - Jawbreaker

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