Beast Wars - TransMetal - Cheetor

Beast Wars - TransMetal - Cheetor

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Cheetor is a Maximal (and later an Autobot) from the Beast Era portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.

Beast Wars - TransMetal - Cheetor

Beast Wars - TransMetal - Cheetor

by Hasbro


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Cheetor is full of youthful overconfidence. He's also the fastest Maximal on four legs which, combined with his impulsive nature, often gets him into more trouble than he can handle. It's needless to say that Cheetor's overbearing enthusiasm gets on the nerves of some of his teammates, Rattrap in particular. He's in those awkward formative years. Thankfully, Optimus Primal keeps a steady eye on the young Maximal. In return, Cheetor has grown to idolize Primal, whom he calls "Big Bot." Optimus Primal knows the inexperienced Cheetor needs a good role model, so he doesn't mind too much. And, hey, at spark he's a good kid. Just... keep him away from Dinobot, okay? Impressionable minds, and all. And Matrix help us when Cheetor gets past his "cooties" stage and notices Blackarachnia.

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 Beast Wars - TransMetal - Cheetor


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Beast Wars - TransMetal - Cheetor

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