Justice Rhinohorn

Justice Rhinohorn

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KFC is all too well known for their Masterpiece sized cassette tapes. The only real option collectors have since Hasbro has not kept up with demands of fan base.

Justice Rhinohorn

CST-01J Justice Rhinohorn

by Keith's Fantasy Club


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Ramhorn is one bad-tempered tape. In beast mode, he's very aggressive and easily provoked. If somebody messes with his stuff, he'll most likely smash the offender, then smash the tampered-with belongings, then smash everything nearby for good measure. He's very strong, too, able to upend Barry Manilow's tour bus with a single blow if he wants to. Even in cassette mode, he can give off damaging vibrations. While these aren't going to derail any trains anytime soon, they're absolutely murderous to portable stereos.

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CST-01J Justice Rhinohorn


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CST-01J Justice Rhinohorn

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