Justice IronPaw

Justice IronPaw

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KFC is all too well known for their Masterpiece sized cassette tapes. The only real option collectors have since Hasbro has not kept up with demands of fan base.

Justice IronPaw

CST-02J Justice IronPaw

by Keith's Fantasy Club


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Where the Decepticon cassette with a cat-mode is a master of moving about undetected, it is fitting that his Autobot counterpart is one of the best at tracking down robots who don't want to be found. Steeljaw is a tenacious tracker of unmatched skill, whose olfactory sensors can track even the faintest scent for a range of 800 miles. All business when on the job, he can come off as cold, even rude to others, but that's just his professionalism and determination getting the better of him. Off the clock, he loves to investigate odors of all shapes and sizes, and Earth has many new and unusual smells for him to enjoy - the perfume of young women being one of his favorites. Steeljaw has a nearly unbreakable bite, from which he takes his name, and is armed with two solar-powered pellet guns. He can electromagnetize himself to stick to surfaces in cassette mode. His only real weakness is a tendency to rust.

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CST-02J Justice IronPaw


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CST-02J Justice IronPaw

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