MiniWarrior Bushwacker

MiniWarrior Bushwacker

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Outback is an Autobot from the Generation 1 continuity family. He is also known as Fallback.

MiniWarrior Bushwacker

MW-08 MiniWarrior Bushwacker

by Igear


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No by-the-book soldier is Outback; for him, the rules of war are the rules of Rafferty. If the beaten track winds, it's a fair bet he'll go straight. He's more comfortable out in the never never anyway, up grades as steep as 50 degrees, or kicking up willie willies at 110 mph. His insubordination gains him little respect from his mates, and often he finds no partner on his missions but Pat Malone and his trusty rooftop tank-jigger, loaded with armor-piercing shells.

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MW-08 MiniWarrior Bushwacker


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MW-08 MiniWarrior Bushwacker

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