March 2014 Latest News

This has been another exciting month for Dub-K Toys. New website still being rolled up and upgraded as fast as we can. Whatever the idea started originally it has evolved into a whole new animal now and we hope to have all the features fully introduced over the next month or two, please bear with us.

We have a lot of surprises instore for you guys and we appreciate the patientce and the support. Without you none of this would be possible so we here at Dub-K Toys would like to thank you.

Please keep in mind 80% of this is under construction. All purchases will be made safely through PayPal and with all major credit cards. Thanks again.

Dub-K Toys

Dub-K KFC Voltron 5 Pack

Dub-K KFC Voltron 5 Pack

$100 | Due: April | Available: 280+

Dub-K Toys is the only seller in the US to carry these, and to take it a step further only 500 sets are being made world wide. We are proud to present...

                      KFC Iron Paw... VOLTRON style!

Takara/Tomy MP G2 Sideswipe

Takara/Tomy MP G2 Sideswipe

$80 | Due: Late Feb | Available: 7

This is the first release of a MasterPiece Generation 2 figure and so far everyone seem to love it. Built of the same mold as the other three Lamborghinis and loaded down with an arsenal of weapons. Complete your MP collection today and be sure not to miss out.

Dub-K Toys Image Gallery

Feb 16th, 2014

We here at Dub-K Toys are testing out another type of Image Gallery to be deployed permanently on site. Please let us know what you think, all feedback good and bad appreciated.


Raptor Squadron

Feb 16th, 2014

This is a line Dub-K Toys is also considering picking up. Let us know your thoughts on this release of the popular seekers we all know so well.

$100 | When: ?| Available: ?

Fans Toys FT-04 Scoria

Fans Toys FT-04 Scoria

Price: $190 | Due: March | Available: 15

Fans Toys MP Dinobot Slag aka FT-04 Scoria is almost here. This will include add on pieces to make your MP Grimlock stand taller in Robot mode. We do not expect these to last long pre oreder yours today.

Fans Toys FT-04 Scoria

Planet-X Deal in the works?

Planet-X came out into the scene out of nowhere and took the world by shock with their massive WFC version of Omega Supreme "Genesis". This figure is known for its quality, size, and even price. Nothing about this product said cheap and we all know you do usually get what you pay for.

Caleus was the second figure to be released and they done a FoC Dinobot version of Swoop. The future looks to be an amazing replication of what we all seen on screen.

They have annouced they are doing all Dinobots FoC style, including the sixth Dinobot Squall (Paddles).

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Unique Toys Mania King

Unique Toys Mania King

$120 | Due: Now | Available: 3

This has been a surprising figure from Unique Toys. Reviews have been great, transformations are complex, and it is a perfect size to match up with Hegemon or Orion. Don't miss out.

While supplies last!



Strengthen Equipment

Jan 18th, 2014

Now accepting Pre-Orders on this awesome upgrade for Generations Hoist & Trailbreaker, it gives them a whole new Generation One look.

$32 | When: March | Available: 90+



Jan 18th, 2014

Now accepting Pre-Orders from the makers of Hegemon and Orion. This is their version of Dreamwave styled Bumblebee but still very Generation One reminiscent.

$70 | When: End of Feb| Available: 2