About the Dub-K Toys Project

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This site is composed of PHP, mySQL, mySQLi, HTML, DHTML, JAVAScript, cURL, AJAX, and of course CSS and all open-source projects.

Everything here was designed & coded by:
Jon-Michael Brown

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Jason Watson Owner of Dub-K Toys & More

Dub-kToys has just recently celebrated it 2nd year anniversary. Due to recent expansion and grotwth it was also only family owned and operated but has since expanded to included a new online operations. We do not plan to stop here keep an eye and grow with us we value you as customer and as the ones who made this all happen. A big thanks to you all rom everyone here at Dub-K Toys.

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Jon-Michael Owner of EncodeDesigns

I am for hire if your company would like to purchase a website. I can cover design, graphics, coding, search engine submissions, and all source files.

I started programming games out of books on Commodore 64's when I was 8 years old. I am now 37 and have moved on to mutliple facets of programming.

On this site I am responsible for all the coding and image editing. There are even a couple of my original digital artworks on here.

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